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Your Davidson home is your haven and one of your most important life investments. That’s why Precision Powerwash of NC is a pressure washing company dedicated to helping you keep your special place beautiful, safe, and clean so that it will last for generations. We offer a variety of services to meet your home’s unique needs, including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, house washing, red clay removal, and thermo reactive sealing. These maintenance efforts maximize your home’s structural integrity and ensure that it is a safe space for you and your loved ones. You won’t have to fret over ugly stains and blemishes on your exteriors any longer, and you won’t need to worry about the presence of harmful toxins like mold affecting your family.

We also offer commercial pressure washing and cleaning services to help Davidson businesses stay in excellent working condition. If you are looking for the finest exterior maintenance work in town, then no look no further than Precision Powerwash of NC! For more information, reach out to us by phone or online and see how we can transform your property!

Deck Cleaning

Precision Powerwash of NC’s deck cleaning services are just what your deck needs to stay strong in the face of harsh weather conditions and decomposing outdoor elements. Mold, moss, algae, and mildew commonly plague decks and can sometimes cause early decay of wooden deck boards. Deck cleaning kills these substances and removes them completely so that your wooden boards stay intact and sturdy. Heavy storms can also cause a pileup of tree branches, dirt, and mud that can make your deck a rather unpleasant place to be. Deck cleaning clears out any weather debris left behind after a storm so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space again. If your deck could use some extra attention, then you need the professional deck cleaning services of Precision!

Roof Cleaning

Professional roof cleaning should be a top priority for any homeowner. Your roof is easily the most important part of your home, and it is also the part most prone to damage from harsh weather and organic growth. Roof cleaning provides a way to keep weather debris cleared out and keep decomposing growths of mold and mildew from crippling your roofing material. Roof cleaning also offsets the need for a total roof replacement. Maximize the longevity of your roof by taking advantage of Precision’s expert roof cleaning services.

Soft Washing

Soft washing combines the use of low-pressure water spray from a pressure washer and the cleaning power of chemical detergents to clean many exterior surfaces of your Charlotte home or business. This method is ideal for removing stains and sanitizing your surfaces without causing undue damage. Roof shingles, siding, windows, and other delicate exteriors all stand to benefit from the effective cleaning soft washing provides. Eliminate algae streaks, dirt buildup, and all other unsightly discoloration with soft washing!

Protect and preserve your beautiful Charlotte home by taking advantage of Precision Powerwash of NC’s top-rated pressure washing services!


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