Maintenance Cleaning in Hickory, NC

Outsource Your Commercial Exterior To Our Maintenance Cleaning Pressure Washing Experts

If your Hickory commercial property needs maintenance cleaning pressure washing to eliminate problematic dirt and grime buildup, then look no further than Precision Powerwash of NC. We provide the pressure washing services specifically intended to clean commercial properties and heavy equipment on production lines. Heavy machinery used in commercial businesses is especially susceptible to accumulations of oil, grease, dust, and other grime that compromise its ability to function. It also poses a safety risk for workers operating said machinery as dirty equipment is more likely to malfunction. For these reasons, maintenance cleaning pressure washing should always be a top priority for commercial property owners.

The Advantages of Clean, Maintained Commercial Spaces

  • Maintained machinery functions better and lasts longer. Cleaning efforts make all the difference in prolonging the service life of your equipment so that you won’t be forced to replace it before its time. Have yours inspected and maintained as needed to maximize the amount of time it stays in good working condition.
  • A clean work environment is a safe work environment. As we mentioned above, dirty machinery is more likely to malfunction. In some cases, neglected machinery may even pose a fire hazard. When you are responsible for the wellbeing of the employees in your commercial space, you can’t afford to take risks with their safety. Maintenance cleaning pressure washing ensures that none of your machinery becomes faulty and dangerous, and thus keeps your space safe for you, your workers, and anyone else present on your property.

Precision Powerwash of NC is proud to be the answer to all Hickory’s maintenance cleaning pressure washing needs. We’re happy to help you keep your machinery and commercial property clean and cared for so that your business keeps running smoothly. Contact us today and inquire about our other commercial services, like commercial pressure washing and fleet washing, to meet all of your property’s cleaning needs!

Keeping your gutters unclogged is crucial for protecting your other exteriors, but it’s also important to remember to clean the outside of gutters, too! Mold and mildew form on the outside of gutters and cause an unsightly appearance that makes your home look rundown and uncared for. The team at Precision can clear away any grime or mold present on the outside of gutters without damaging them so that your home’s aesthetic is free of unattractive dirt buildup.

Gutter cleaning in Hickory, NC is at its height with Precision Powerwash of NC’s elite services. Call today and let us whip your gutters back into shape!


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